Solución líder para la gestión de los ingresos en los medios de comunicación

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)


Optimization of the advertising sales cycle: Planning of the schedule of the commercials, workflow of negotiation signatures, elaboration of multimedia campaigns based on available inventory, generation of on-the-fly publication orders in the different ad servers/ad exchanges, broadcast systems, or publishers with which Üna S2i is integrated in a native fashion.

On the other hand, Üna S2i is the leading tool in the management of subscriptions (offline and online) and distribution (offline), allowing for the management of transport routes and transmissions to points of sale.

   Administration and Finance

Configuration of different kinds of products, multi-media packages and contracts. It's possible to combine different kinds of supports and material from different publishers/licensors in a single proposal/order.

Depending on the business structures, it's possible to configure inter-company invoicing rules so that although the end client receives a single invoice, the corresponding income for each is registered according to, for example, the number of impressions within the total volume.


Üna S2i is an open system, based on HTML5 architecture, which allows any other external system to make any operation or extraction of information through an API.

Üna S2i is already connected with the principal Ad Servers/Ad Exchanges/DMPs/SSPs/DSPs (Google Dfp, Google Adex, Videoplaza, Admeta, Smart Ad Server, Oas Open AD Stream, Rubicon, Openx, Amazon, etc), which allows it to systematically load all the information onto the platform to help decision-making, invoicing, and the elimination of the manual treatment of Excel, CSV or others.


SaaS. Solution offered as a service. Investment 0 in hardware or software and without compromises. HTML5 on any platform

Multimedia Solution designed for the management of any sales channel (Internet, Radio and Print)

A single solution for the entire sales cycle: CRM, orders, invoicing, budgets, information system

Alternative built on Salesforce : If you have already chosen this CRM as your own, you have all the functionality of Üna S2i, but on this CRM


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    The S2i solution allows for the management of the advertising of any kind of support, whether this is DIGITAL, NEWSPAPER, MAGAZINES, or RADIO. A single solution that lets media manage the entire work flow of sales departments, from the pre-sale process (management of opportunities, commercial agenda and proposals), through the management of purchase orders, layout of the advertisements (layout in print media, radio and television spots, integration with online Ad servers), billing and integration with accounting systems, payment of commissions, digital/print subscriptions, and management of the distribution of copies. Multi-product and multi-company commercialization is now possible in the area of the Circulation of copies and other complementary products (promotions, gifts, etc.), in the form of Direct Distribution or Subscriptions, interacting with the information from Distributors and other external agents.

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    The multi-company nature of the solution optimizes the interaction of various companies in the same installation, allowing for a framework of work that allows a MARKETER to manage the advertising in multiple supports of other companies and letting the client emit a single invoice even if there is an internal division of income according to unit of business and crossed invoices between the companies participating in the negotiation and purchase order.

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    An entry gate for purchase orders from advertising agencies or other users is created, granting them access to send the orders to the media. The agency can know the status of their orders and material at every moment, as well as communicating any incidents in invoicing and publication to every editor with whom they contract advertising. The agencies can also design the ads on the website itself, automatically generating material associated to the ad and integrating these into the production systems of the media. These products interact dynamically with any other financial, publishing or production product in the market, behaving as a true ERP.

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    In the case of Print, the S2i solution allows for the management of the entire cycle of distribution of the copies and supplements, permitting the configuration of transportation routes, management of expenses, processes and reports for integration with OJD (Oficina de Justificación de la Difusión) and connections with the printing and financial systems.



We can analyze the use of our systems in your company, quality control in processes and data, and possible information needs. Revision of work procedures. We strongly believe in the integration between systems and can help our clients to find the greatest efficiency through integration and optimization.


In the projects of implementation of new software or new versions, we study the particularities of your business with the goal of personalizing (parametrization) and adapting the applications to your needs. For greater efficiency, we offer training and support to users during the launch. S21 can study and program the data migration from the earlier systems.


We carry out the study and development of modules as per the company's needs. We study and analyze new functionalities to incorporate into future versions. We develop modules, processes or interfaces that help in the integration of processes within your company.

Procedures Consultancy

From our long history and broad experience, we can help you to revise and optimize your procedures and work flow, so that your teams improve their efficiency and the organization obtains greater productivity from their efforts.

Customer Service

We have a fast and direct on-line system to communicate incidents and new requests, which allows all our clients to have an updated knowledge in real time of the state of all their reported requests, with optimal levels of service that fulfill the most demanding expectations of our clients.

Outsourcing of routine tasks

We carry out the intermediation as partners between our clients and other providers (Oracle, Microsoft, etc.). We offer Call Center training and consultancy in procedures.

Data Base Administration

We analyze Data Bases and elaborate guides for their installation and supervision of their status at all times. We also undertake auditing of performance.


We offer the Software as a Service ( SaaS). S2i takes care of the maintenance and support of the software used by the client, as well as the operation and daily administration of their Data Bases.


The Company

We know the business and we grow with it A leading company, with over 15 years of experience, in standard solutions for News Media and Business in this Field. S2i is an expert in news media, with standard multimedia solutions, adaptable to each client that complete cover the entire commercial and sales cycle of your business. We know this industry and we grow with it and with our clients, which lets us guarantee to them the greatest level of actualization. S2i's solutions give our clients a more efficient management of their business, but with a controlled investment cost.

Expert in the field

One of the most significant values of S2i is that we develop our solutions with our clients. Thanks to this, in addition to resolving real problems, that directly affect the management of the business, we can maintain the commitment to generate new versions annual to give our clients the tranquility of having their systems up to date, while focusing their attention on managing their business. In Spain, management of more than 50% of the advertising for newspapers and magazines Over 400 mastheads and supports Over 6 Million Daily Copies in Circulation Growing prominence in Audiovisual and Online Media Management of Advertising in Digital Media with over 120 million unique users per month Development of products WITH the Media Commitment to new annual versions that evolve as the business evolves
  • En el caso de España, gestión de más del 50% de la publicidad de diarios y revistas
  • Más de 400 cabeceras y soportes
  • Más de 6 Millones de Ejemplares diarios en Circulación
  • Protagonismo creciente en Medios Audiovisuales e Internet
  • Gestión de la Publicidad en Medios Digitales con más de 120 millones de usuarios únicos / mes
  • Desarrollo de los productos CON los Medios
  • Compromiso de nuevas versiones anuales evolucionando con el negocio

Standard Solutions

Our standard solutions give us a high level of agility at the moment of implementation, parametrization, integration and, ultimately, personalization of the solutions for each client. In this fashion, S2i clients have a personalized solution, with a standard cost, without worrying about its evolution, and thereby avoiding expensive development. Our clients know from the start the cost of their investment, including the guarantee of the product's evolution.


  • Pedro Cuadrado Veiga
  • Juan Antonio Sáez Angulo
  • José Miguel Polín Moreno
  • J. Ignacio Rodríguez Equidazu
  • Francisco Aspas Mayoral
  • Santiago Alonso Paniagua
  • Sempronius, S.L


Pedro Cuadrado Veiga
Nicolás Lamas Díaz
Technical Director
Guillermo Cruz Criado
Consultancy Director
Diómedes Reyes Reyes
Director of Quality and Processes
Francisco Aspas Mayoral
Director of Administration and Finance
Susana Jiménez Sánchez